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Spark Business Card

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Spark Business Card

Afternoon Guys I have a question concerning my Spark business card from Cap One. I have had the card for three years and have been using and paying off. Recentlly I noticed that its reporting faithfully to all three CB's but not to D&B. I am intrested in building business credit now and that history would surly help. I have been calling Cap One trying to resolve any input will be appreciated. I have a total of 4 Net 30 accounts open and have been following the blue print for building business credit learned on the forum here. Thanks for all of the priceless Info. 

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Re: Spark Business Card

They are currently only reporting to DNB.  The used to to all 3, so your old TL probably still show up on the other three from a few years back only.

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Re: Spark Business Card

Hey Metropolitan,


So does your Capital one business Spark Miles  account not show up/report to any of the personal bureaus? An article on Doctor of Credit said only the Business Cash doesnt report to personal as of now. Here's the article im referring to:

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