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myFICO Tagging Guidelines

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myFICO Tagging Guidelines

Who can tag?
All users may add and view Tags. 


What is a tag?
A tag is a single keyword applied to a post that describes a topic, theme, or category of the post.  Each post may have multiple tags.  For example, a post about foreclosures might have the tags, Seattle foreclosure.  If you enter multiple words separated by spaces you will create multiple tags, not a phrase.


What is a tag cloud?
A tag cloud displays tags used frequently within an area of a community.  Tags applied frequently will appear in a larger font.  A tag cloud can give you a sense of what the hot topics are in a given area.


What can I do with tags?
Tagging items helps other users discover interesting posts.  You can use tags to bookmark, categorize, or identify a post.  A well-chosen tag will also help other users find interesting content.


Why do people tag?
Some users will tag posts for their own convenience in finding them later.  Other users enjoy helping categorize interesting posts for the benefit of the community.  Users who tag lots of posts gain status by appearing on the Top Taggers Leaderboard.


What is an acceptable use of tags?

  • Tagging to describe a topic, theme, or category.
  • Tagging to bookmark related items.
  • Tagging to categorize messages.
  • Tagging by user (I.E. If Matt posted in a thread, you might tag his message or the thread with "Matt", or "Administrator").


What is NOT an acceptable use of tags?

  • Tagging with inappropriate language.
  • Tagging with insults or tags meant to demean or belittle.
  • Tagging messages with irrelevant tags.
  • Tagging to show agreement or disagreement.
  • Tagging messages with irrelevant tags (of, and, it, is, I, the).


How do I tag?

  • Navigate to an interesting message or comment.  When you're at a place where you can read the whole message, you'll see the Tags area, on the lower left side.
  • Type a single-word topic into the Add Tag field.  You can type more than one tag - just type a space after each.
  • Click the Add Tag button.

The tags area updates with your new tags!

Where are my tags?
Find messages you've tagged by visiting your profile and choosing the tag.  You can also click on the tag on any cloud and look for the My Most Tagged Messages section.


What do I do if I find abusive or inappropriate tags?
Please click 'Report Abuse to Moderator' under the options menu of the message with the tag and leave a message in the field explaining which tag(s) you feel are offensive.


How do I alter my tagging preferences?
You can alter your tagging preferences by going to the Tagging tab in your profile.


*The myFICO Forum Moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any tag(s) that we deem to be inappropriate or disruptive at our sole discretion. 




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