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1 more card to raise score?

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Re: 1 more card to raise score?

Im guessing that OP's scores went up maybe due to his utilization dropped. 


In my area Discover card pulls Equifax.  I am in NEPA.  

You may wish to try Chase if you don't have 5/24 yet... if not go with Discover It! 


Keep us posted. 

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Re: 1 more card to raise score?

I agree that it went up because of utilization. I opened 2 CC's a few months ago and my scores increased because of the presence of a revolving account . I read on here that 3 revolvers will help you optimize your scoring in that category. This is why I believe that the OP wants to open another card. I decided to garden the two that I have until my profile improves. To each its own, good luck OP!

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Re: 1 more card to raise score?

Well if your going for another card, then I recommend the discover it card!

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