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5/24 Clarification


5/24 Clarification

I think I understand what's going on here with Chase's 5/24 but just looking for clarification. 


I have 4 CCs: two opened 2/16, two opened 3/17. If I applied for a Chase card in 3/18, I would be at 2/24, correct?



Thanks in advance. 

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Re: 5/24 Clarification

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Re: 5/24 Clarification

Am I missing something here? It looks to me like you're currently at 4/24, not 2/24. 



I missed that you're talking about apping in 3/18 and not now. So yes, you would be at 2/24. I speed read a lot for work and sometimes a word or two here and there gets missed. Smiley Embarassed

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