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AAdvantage Aviator Red Approval Odds

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AAdvantage Aviator Red Approval Odds

Hey, guys!


I'm wondering what my approval odds would be for the Aviator Red from Barclays, as I will be abroad for awhile and would like a card that doesn't charge FTF's, is involved in a points-based system (as opposed to cash back), and is accepted abroad as I primarily use Amex. My stats are as follows:


AAoA: 8 months

TU: 713 (from Discover)

EXP: 706 (from Amex)

Equifax: 726 (from Credit Karma using VantageScore, so a little different than my FICO's)

Utilization: 1%

A few baddies from over 2 years ago.

Inquiries on:




I have opened 4 new accounts within the last year, 3 within 6 months. 


It's my understanding that Barclay's only pulls TU if I'm not mistaken? Based off my data (i.e. how many new accounts I have), do you think that I should start gardening, or apply for one more card?


Also, are there any downgrade paths for this card? I see a variety of cards on AA's website, but they are not to be found on Barclays. Just want to double check if I could actually downgrade to them Smiley Happy





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Re: AAdvantage Aviator Red Approval Odds

IMO, the odds don't stack up as favorable at the moment, but YEMV.

Things that may trip the scales are: the short history, the negative items and the recent new accounts from the past 12 months. On the upside, your scores seem fairly decent and your utilization is in check.

The path to the upgrade is the Silver Aviator ($199 AF) as a targeted offer - typically after the account has been open for 12+ months. A downgrade would be the non-AF (White) Aviator card.
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Re: AAdvantage Aviator Red Approval Odds

Your file is a bit thin. I would garden and age your accounts. My brother just got denied for this card yesterday with 1 year AAoA and TU score of 758.

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Re: AAdvantage Aviator Red Approval Odds

Thanks for your advice, guys. I think I will take some time to hit the garden! 

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