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AMEX CLI on short credit history

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AMEX CLI on short credit history

I am trying to get an AMEX CLI on my Blue Cash Preferred card ($2k limit).

I have a Discover IT ($1.5k limit) opened August 30th 2020, Chase FU ($1.5k limit) opened November 2020, and my AMEX BCP ($2k limit) opened December 2020.

My FICO score was 711 January 2021 with 28% utilization and went down recently when I had 60%. The utilization will be payed down entirely, if not entirely in 4 days so my score should go up to around 720 where it was hovering around before.

I want to purchase an engangement ring on my AMEX card for around $3-5k so am trying to ask for a CLI and was curious if my short credit history could hamper that?

Also, I know that AMEX can be strange with which SP they after I ask for a mid cycle update to my score, how long should I wait, if I need to wait for applying for a CLI?

I have a $45k income as well.


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Re: AMEX CLI on short credit history

The earliest timeframe to check for eligibility, based on the current tenure of your BCP, is after 61 days from approval.  I would suggest checking your EX FICO score on the AmEx mobile app to determine when they performed the last FICO score update.

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