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Affinity FCU Pre-approval with Lower Signup Bonus

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Affinity FCU Pre-approval with Lower Signup Bonus

I was planning to apply for the Affinity Cash Rewards card if a pre-approval ever showed up in their quarterly offers. Lo and behold, I got the email I was hoping for today but the signup offer included in the pre-approval was for 20k points ($200) for $20k spend in year 1 as opposed to the public offer for 20k points for $3k in 90 days and an additional 25k for $25k spend in year 1.


I wasn't planning to apply for the card just for the signup bonus, but has anyone had a similar experience with Affinity and applied through the public link even with a pre-approval? If I'd end up with the same SL I was pre-approved for and (seemingly very high) approval odds through either application route I'd gladly take the extra $200, but I'm leaning towards forgoing the SUB and playing it safe without some additional data points to reference. 

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Re: Affinity FCU Pre-approval with Lower Signup Bonus

I can tell you that I recently cold apped for the Cash Rewards without ever having a pre-approval and still got it at $5k and with a lower APR.  I am lol/24 and lol/12, but I had been using their cash back checking and saving account some for a few months.  You, with your pre-approval, are in a better position I was.  I hear they have responsive and knowledgable customer service, you could always give them a call.  Good luck!


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