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Amazon Store Card Verification Failed for Family Member

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Amazon Store Card Verification Failed for Family Member

So my mom wanted to get the Amazon Store Card, and she got this verification message. She had to call into Synchrony and they made her do this online verification, but trying to take pictures of the back of the license for whatever reason did not work, so that verification failed. They said she would get a letter in the mail with the decision and that underwriting would look at the application further. If she is approved, would she get an approval email as well? I really don't remember Synchrony verification being so annoying years ago. Times must have changed for the worst for them. 


Oh yeah, they pulled EX and TU for whatever reason with her EX score being the highest at 659. 

Main cards: Penfed Power Cash Rewards - $10k, Kay Jewelers - $5.5k, Jared - $4.5k, Capital One Platinum - $3k, Best Buy - $2k, Amex Delta Gold (AU) - $1k, NFCU cashRewards - $500

Other cards I use atm: Firestone CFNA - $2.4k, CareCredit - $1.5k, Mercury MC - $1.5k, Amazon Store Card - $600, Ollo MC - $600, Mission Lane Visa - $500

Other TLs: Appliances Connection - $3.8k, Wayfair Fortiva - $2k, Williams Sonoma - $600, NY & Company - $500, Macy’s - $500, Home Depot - $500, Target RED Card - $500, CapOne Secured MC 0 AF - $500, Penfed Overdraft LOC - $500

Current FICOS: EX - 685, EQ - 686, TU - 684
Ch 7 BK D/C Aug 2019
Starting scores: EX - 534, EQ - 574, TU - 516
Total TLs: $43k
Total Utilization: 4%

It is possible to get your credit back into shape. Just be patient, let accounts age when needed and apply for what you need.

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Re: Amazon Store Card Verification Failed for Family Member

Yup, welcome to the new Synchrony. 


This has been a recurring theme for some applications that require further verification.  Plus, for some of their major CCs, SageStream needs to be thawed.

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