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Annoyed with Comenity


Annoyed with Comenity

I applied for Caesars Rewards Visa


The notice I instantly recieved said 

We're glad you'd like to open a Caesars Rewards® Visa® Credit Card account.

We just need to take a closer look at your application before making our decision.

Please look for our reply by mail in about 10-14 business days.


Then I recieved the attached letter in the mail.

They want me to unlock Experian, Equifax, Safestream, and Innovis

Wow this is a lot of bureaus to check,  I got Amex Platinum with only Experian and Transunion unlocked.  Apple Card with only Transunion.


I called them today to find out the process.  First of all the agent was very rough and agressive.

She told me that since my bureaus were frozen, when I unfreeze them and call them back, they would run it again resulting in a second hard inquiry.


I tried asking her nicely in several ways if they could use the Transunion report they already got and just do a soft unquiry on the other bureaus.  She told me no the process would start all over from the beginning.  I asked her if they would be willing to remove the first hard inquiry agfter they did the second one, and she told me to contact the credit bureau about that.


I am not sure if this is worth pursuing becuase unlockinig Innovis and Sagestream is not easy like the major bureaus.

Based on the customer service she provided, I am aprehensive about this bank.

The reason I am interested is because I have Caesars Diamond status and I stay at Caesars properties often.


Thoughts?  Not sure if I should proceed and have a second hard inquiry with chance they will reject me for something else stupid.  My scores are all mid-750s.  1 late payment 4 years ago.



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Re: Annoyed with Comenity

Its best to have all 3 CRA's thawed when you apply. We cant talk about gaming the system freezing one hoping they check another. Sage and Innovis is used by many. Cap1 loves Innovis. So its on you now how bad you want it. Ask yourself is another HP worth it for the card you want.

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Re: Annoyed with Comenity

Are you over six hard inquiries for the year. I don't see how much value you will get out of the card since you are at diamond level

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Re: Annoyed with Comenity

@OllieTamale  The creditor will choose from where it pulls the information from per their established credit policies.  The consumer will not be the one to choose for the creditor from which source they obtain any information. Trying to do so will make you look suspicious to the creditor. Basically what is in the report you do not want the creditor to pull from that they should know. Would be the question in the creditor's mind.

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Re: Annoyed with Comenity

Personally, I'm not a fan of Comenity/Bread.

Your scores are  good to get the card  if you follow their request to thaw.


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Re: Annoyed with Comenity


I wouldn't worry about the first HP. Your credit bureaus were frozen so they could not access them, much less give you an initial HP. You would only get one HP if you should decide to move forward and reapply. The CSR did not know what she was talking about.


Comenity is definitely not one of the best credit card issuers so I would think hard about whether you want a card with them and if it will benefit you. Hopefully they would be pulling just one of the two main bureaus if you decided to move forward and not both. Best of luck if you should decide to continue.

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