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Apple Card CLI Request Denied

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Re: Apple Card CLI Request Denied

@heirophant wrote:

Just a data point I guess, but my Apple Card has been open for 94 days now. I have read that you can request a CLI AT 91 or 92 days depending on the post you read. I got the following message today at 94 days:



Your credit limit couldn't be increased at this time because:

- Your Apple Card account is new and you have not used and paid off enough of your credit limit over time."

So, I guess I'll wait another month and try again.

  90 days is too soon. It is at least 180 days now. 

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Re: Apple Card CLI Request Denied

@TheRedHat wrote:

I didn't see anyone else in here mention this, but I don't think you can be approved for a CLI while you are on a payment plan with the Apple Card. If someone has data points to prove otherwise, I'd be interested in seeing them.

I got a CLI on Apple with a watch installment plan. It was following the only month that I've ever used it as my daily driver. I had about 70% of the installment plan left, and they bumped me $2500

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