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Applying for Second Amex

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Applying for Second Amex

Currently i Have amex everyday and got CLI from 4K to 14K about 3 weeks ago. But i thinking of getting another amex blue cash everyday. My amex everyday is 6 months old and i have credit score of experian 720 and transunion 651 (it will be updated soon as i got cli). Is it a good idea to apply, and do any one have any idea how much credit limit will they offer to me for my new Amex blue cash everyday.

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Re: Applying for Second Amex

You will get instantly approved with those scores.

Also when your logged into your account, click apply on the Card you want and it should say “Your Pre-Approved”.

Also, Cards with the $450 Annual fee ( Delta Reserve , Hilton Aspire and SPG Luxury ) they all have started at $3100 or Higher.

Keep us posted.

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Re: Applying for Second Amex



Yeah, you will probably be approved for the card! I'd say at least 5k of credit line, I believe.

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Re: Applying for Second Amex

I agree that you will get instantly approved, but I think the more important question is what is your overall goal with your credit card rewards? I only ask because these were two of the first cards I got and although they are great, they don’t really go together imo, and cards you rarely use become somewhat of a burden over time, at least to me anyways. I started with the BCE as my grocery card and if I ever decide I want/need to get rid of some cards, I’ll never get rid of the BCE. But for about the last two years I’ve rarely used it, and that’s because I’m basically all in on the MR system. With these two cards, you will just be switching back and forth and feel like you aren’t being rewarded enough. If you like the MR points, would you pay an annual fee for a card? If so, what about the EDP or the Gold? They are both very beneficial if they fit your spending habits. If you are wanting a new card just for the excitement, and trust me I know the feeling, I wouldn’t do it and instead look at other cards that benefit you the most. Side note: if you end up going for the EDP, you likely should be able to upgrade your current card to it, and not have to have a new account opened.
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Re: Applying for Second Amex

First, welcome pirate00!


I am going to be the one who will pull the reins in for a sec and say that based on the bit of info you gave, the "possibility" is decent that you would get approved. However, you must be cautious in that we don't know this for certain. There are no guarantees when it comes to applications, and you want to approach with at least some caution.

We have people in these same forums who have "X" scores, etc. applying for "X" card and from past history it appears they are perfectly in line to be approved and they get denied. The lenders at times can act differently about things whenever they choose. Also, each profile is different and may be handled a different way.

I'm just giving a word of caution here about being too quick to assume an application to be automatic Smiley Wink


But best of luck if you do apply OP!


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