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BB&T pre qualify

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Re: BB&T pre qualify

Looks like myFICO is gonna kill this one quick. 🤣 

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Re: BB&T pre qualify

@Jnbmom wrote:

One other thing, do you have a fraud alert on freeze on reports?


The reason I asked is when I first applied I had a fraud alert on EQ ( thank you exp grrr) anyhow it said they couldn't process that I needed to apply at the branch, however I didn't use the prequalify link when I applied because I wasn't aware of it. But I got FA off and then it went through.

No, no freezes on any of my reports. It’s so strange they pre qualified me for all 3 then I accepted offer and then got that message. It told me “we’re currently experiencing technical difficulties and are unable to continue the application process online. Please try again later or visit a local branch to apply.” It then gave me a application number so we will see I’m gonna first thing tomorrow. 

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Re: BB&T pre qualify

I called itSmiley Wink
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Re: BB&T pre qualify

One of the other posters had the same result. Applied and got offers, then checked it again quickly and t had zero offers. The next day the offers reappeared.

Did it give you the reservation number? I know when I first checked mine it had an offer code and an expiration date of like May 30th or something so I think if it went thru once and it locked in the offer code, you should be ok to check it again tomorrow and see what it does.

For good measure clear your history/cache before retying so it doesn’t default to pulling up the error message again
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Re: BB&T pre qualify

FWIW When i first went there it was wonky so i simply switched browsers and the entire prequalify and buttons worked as expected.

You might try that to see if it helps.

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Re: BB&T pre qualify

I'm curious....does anyone know if BB&T pull from a specific credit bureau?

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Re: BB&T pre qualify

@slither43 wrote:

I'm curious....does anyone know if BB&T pull from a specific credit bureau?


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Re: BB&T pre qualify

I’m betting myFICO crashed it. 😂🤣


I'm prequalified for all 3 but don’t need it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Re: BB&T pre qualify

@shoegal, its not about need, its about the Experience! Plus for every useless approval, we add to the Legend of #TeamMyFico and to be a plank owner of a FOTM card is specialSmiley Happy.

Ps, ive no self control i would have smashed already if i couldSmiley Wink
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Re: BB&T pre qualify

For those wanting the card. I got the Spectrum 9 months ago less than 3yrs post BK. Went online. Opened their e-savings which is free to hold the CB when I hit the $25 transfer limit. Then applied approved for $7500. Not a customer. Just to add some DP's for you guys. Smash away!!!

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