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BoA SP CLI Link Not Appearing?


Re: BoA SP CLI Link Not Appearing?

@Brace wrote:



-Around october 2019 i stopped using my checking account with BOA, only use a little instead of using it for all my income and transactions like before.


-In December i asked online for a CLI on my 12k cash rewards, denied


-After 10 days i called them and got a CLI for 20.4k


-In january they game me the prefered rewards gold status.


-In february i openned a checking account with them and left there 500 bucks since then.


-In february i got a prequal for travel rewards, but applied for another cash rewards instead because mine started as secured and they dont waive the 39 dollars anual fee. denied.


-end of marcha luv button appeared and i tried a cli on my 20k cash rewards and was denied. with 80k income. i run about 2k trough the card every month for almost 3 years... button disapeared forever...


-In june i got a citi double cash with 4200 SL.

-In June i got a 16k direct deposit from my cash rewards that i wanted to use in an action, Paid  fully before statement closed.


-Early sept i received a prequal for the travel rewards and i went for it and got only got a 1k SL with now 96k income....

I immediately asked for a CLI and was denied....


-Today i called them about a CLI on the cash rewards , also denied. 5-10 days message.


Can someone shed some light on whats going on with BOA ?

they seduced me with a prequal, to then screw me with a 1k SL and a hard luve button, no cli´s...

its been almost 3 years i bank with them.

i suppose its because they dont see the cash flowing in the checking account like before and think i am unemployed or in distress? i think it may have benefited me and now its damaging me. should i close this checking? or take it to zero?


I always PIF AZEO and for UTIL i  let report very little like 5%-8% 


Fico transunion has been on the 720´s no baddies. 5 credit cards open


Put simply, your current profile and any other internal + external information (i.e. behavioral scoring) doesn't support a CLI with BoA.  Options have been suggested on another thread as to a proactive strategy to maximize growth and/or optimize your profile to make it a bit more attractive in the long run.


Not sure that closing your checking account or reducing its balance to zero would accomplish much to be honest.  Time will be your best friend during the tight uw adjustments.

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Re: BoA SP CLI Link Not Appearing?

First off i will say that if you don't feel you're getting anywhere with BOA you can always choose a different Lender to use.


Personally I do not see an issue, you have a $20K CL card that you only run $2K through per month. Plenty of leeway there so I do see where they're possibly coming from. The small SL on the Travel card could possibly mean that you're at their ceiling for your profile. And that's not considering any other accounts you may have with higher CL's.


Granted I've never been a high roller when it comes to spend, so my CL's do take time to grow versus others. Some people can get $10-15K CLI's while I only ever get $1K-5K, and tpically that's annually as I didn't know abou the 6 month the until I came here. Even at every 6 months though one is doing well to get a $2K increase, especially if their spend is only $2K per month. 


To expect one's CL's to grow into the high double digits in a matter of months is expecting a lot, IMO. And while it can be done I think high spend it the key to seeing those higher CLI's. 



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