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BoA Travel Rewards Mailer

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BoA Travel Rewards Mailer

Hey y’all,

I received a “Pre-selected” mailer for a BoA Travel Rewards the other day. It has a fixed APR but no online code. It wants me to other call the application number or walk into a branch. (Not a traditional BoA branch in my area) The only relationship I have with BoA is a Merrill Edge account with only ~500 dollars in investments just to try out the interface.

Seems like a pretty loose mailer? But I haven’t heard them using “Preapproved” language for awhile.

Thoughts? Felt pretty vague but I’m interested in the SUB and possibility for a Visa Sig since BoA tends to give decent SLs.
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Re: BoA Travel Rewards Mailer

Is there a section surrounded by a box that contains opt-out language?

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Re: BoA Travel Rewards Mailer

There is an opt-out offers box at the bottom.
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Re: BoA Travel Rewards Mailer

Both pre-approved and pre-selected offers from BoA would have the opt-out language in addition to the set APR. The pre-approval offers tend to be more solid whereas the others, depending on your overall profile, may be 50/50 at best.

Only way to know the outcome is if you decide to apply.
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Re: BoA Travel Rewards Mailer

I received what seems like the same mailer. Surprised as I've never received any mailers from boa. Looks legit with set apr and a personal secure code. I do have a cash rewards that I've had since '14 that now has a card limit of over 32K, but I have no use in the car since I put my travel spend on my CSR.Resized_20190814_041438.jpeg

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