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Cap1 6 month new card Auto-CLI question

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Cap1 6 month new card Auto-CLI question

If I was going to be granted a 6 month auto CLI, when would it have happened? As soon as the 6th statement was generated?


It's been 6 statements and over 6 months since I've been approved. 


When I try to manually request a CLI the only denial reason code I get is: 'account too new' 

I figured I would have gotten a different code if they just weren't going to give me a CLI.

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Re: Cap1 6 month new card Auto-CLI question

I didn't get an auto CLI from Cap1.  Manually requested one after 8 statements and was successful.

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Re: Cap1 6 month new card Auto-CLI question

At least in my household, an auto-CLI after six months was not a given:

My Quicksilver received an auto-CLI (2.5k) at 7.5 months. 

My wife's Quicksilver received auto-CLI ($100) after 4 months, a second one ($2.5k) after 9.5 months. 

My wife's Savor received auto-CLI (4k) after 11 months.

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