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Citibank L O N G memory

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Citibank L O N G memory

Just some DPs as YMMV.


We includes citi in BK 2005, I eventually managed to get back in and get the simplicity card but always denied any other product,  BK always cited. DH managed to get cobranded Home depot card but never anything else.


Every once and awhile I try Citi for him, tried the DC card instant denial, got letter reason codes, previous BK on a citi card, previous late payment history on a citi card.


Sooooo 14 years later still on the BL.


Just thought I would pass this info on.

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Re: Citibank L O N G memory

Thanks for the data points,harder to share

the negative stuff,I know,but it helps others

so Thanks,


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Re: Citibank L O N G memory

With the cards you and DH have gotten , i dont think its too big a loss lolSmiley Wink CHEERIOSmiley Happy
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