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Comenity questions

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Comenity questions

I am new here and hoping some people maybe have some info that could greatly help!
A month ago I applied for a Jared credit account, received a letter needing me to call to verify some info (at the time I forgot I had fraud protection on my credit- which have since removed temporarily)
They told me I would receive a letter in about 10 days automatically thought it would be a denial, but received a letter asking for copy of ID, SS card, and utility bill, got that over to them and today I called back verified some questions and was approved for $5000. Back in November they did a hard pull on my credit. I really wanted to get an Overstock card, and I applied today and was given message that I would receive a letter in 10 days while it is being reviewed and it has been an hour or so, and no alerts to my credit being pulled, does Comenity only pull once during a certain time frame even if different cards are being applied for?

Honestly very surprised at my credit limit because only have a $300 (will raise to $500 in a week or 2) CapOne QS card, $900 Firestone and low 600’s credit scores and 2 collection accounts totaling $1180 (which are in dispute)
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Re: Comenity questions

As for the HP for the Overstock card, they can sometimes take a few days to show up. I don't think they'd use the same pull from a month ago, especially being separate stores.

As for the limit, it is a jewelry store card after all, and jewelry is expensive, so it kind of makes sense that they hand out bigger limits, IMO.

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