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Discover 2nd (second) card app thread

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Re: Discover 2nd (second) card app thread

Applied for first Discover It September 2019, SL $18, joke. Income at the time was around $100k and I think Fico was 660s and had a bk7 dc 1/2016 (Disco was not iib). Just got a CLI in Feb 2021 to $19,500.


I'm doing AZEO right now but it didn't hit my report yet. Report has me at 14% util (applied because of 0% and need it for asap home repair), but actual is 1%.


Applied today 5/12/21 for Discover It, Disco pulled only Experian which is my worst!! I live in OH if that matters and was pre-approved for all 3 cards. Income is $126k. SL of only $3k.


EX Fico 8: 675

EX Fico 9: 670


My TU and EQ vary in the 680s and 690s. My AAoA is 11 years 2 mo (student loans kept my longest accounts since they didn't dc in bk) and I have a thick file: 10 revolving (no store or secured cards) with 79,500 total limit (6 AU cards brings it over 130k), 2 car loans, mortgage, and 160k in student loans which are never going to be paid off 😅 No lates or derogs before or after bk.


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