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Discover CLI Denied!

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Re: Discover CLI Denied!

I'm not just the president of the Not Experience Club, I'm also a client.
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Re: Discover CLI Denied!

I have a file of denials 🤣

Doesn't stop me from trying!
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Re: Discover CLI Denied!

It's only been 3 months since a CLI and in that time you have also gotten a new card from them. I think people get too caught up in the whole "CLI schedule" type thing. You may be eligible every x often; doesn't mean you get the CLI. My guess is you need some time after the new account before they'll want to extend more credit. It's not just about your score or 3 months passing...sometimes lenders don't run on a predictable schedule.


It's not like a HP was done or anything, so just give it some time and try again later. Probably isn't a need for a huge CL on the card anyway since the 5% categories are capped and otherwise it just offers 1%.

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Re: Discover CLI Denied!

@CreditCuriosity wrote:

Been 5 months since my last CLI and 800+ TU score..  SMH, but many better lenders than discover for people that have good income and scores to back it.  They are good for two things the 1500 quarterly if that cat fit you and BT's(although CU's and some other lenders put them to shame on this as well) and that is basically it IMO.  Otherwise alot better options out there for most people.  Chalk it up and move on as I pipe in alot on discover DP's as certain lenders look for certain people/things while other lenders look for other things where one might do good with discover they would get denied with another lender and vice-versa.  I am slowly learning to accept I am not their target adience to get the big CL's in a short period of time unlike some others.

Agreed; my Discover cards are mainly restricted to spending on the 5% cashback quarterly categories. This year, I'll be putting my first Discover IT card in the sock drawer and using my new, second Discover card exclusively. Because of their cashback match on new cards, I'll essentially be getting 10% cashback on all quarterly category purchases.


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Re: Discover CLI Denied!

Lol, Kdm, with Discover it never really is about caps for cats ,etc. We just want to push the envelope on getting highest limit we can achieveSmiley Wink. Disco is so bat s*#t crazy on how they operate, its our only fun with have to try and figure them out Smiley Happy. An exercise in futility i know but....Smiley Wink
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Re: Discover CLI Denied!

Circling back: Got my letter from Discover. Sure enough, it said, "Insufficient experience with current credit limit with Discover..."


I take that to mean that I shouldn't apply for a CLI on one card shortly after getting a second Discover card with a higher CL. I'll try again in a month or so...!


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Re: Discover CLI Denied!

One has nothing to do with the other. I also think there is no way to tell when you've hit any cap with Discover if your limit isn't anywhere near your income. Unlike some other cards where you can pretty much predict when you'll get your next CLI, I haven't seen anyone able to make sense of how Discover decides most things. If you have a first card with a low limit and your score has done well, they tend to approve you for a larger SL on your second card. And if your first has a high limit, I've experienced a lower SL on the second. That doesn't mean you're capped; I still got a generous 2x CLI on my second.
Personally, I try once a month. Mostly it's a no, but sometimes it's a yes. If it's something you still want, don't give up. Good luck!

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Re: Discover CLI Denied!

I've accepted defeat with Discover. I am not their type of client either. So i have stopped trying. They increased my limit back in May from 2.3 to 6K but nothing thereafter even with consistent usage and payments, along with doing three balance transfers last year which have all been paid off, I never got any more luv from them. So I opted to just move on and occasionally use it when I see fit and use the other cards that gives me a better return whether it be cashback or rewards. There are so much more competative cards in the market. Go with the tides

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