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Discover CLI - Hard pull??

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Discover CLI - Hard pull??


Discover currently the lowest @7,700.  Except Discover my average CL is about 20,000.   A few weeks ago, I called to inquire about the possibility of CLI and was told I could initiate after Feb 20 - I think the last CLI was 500 on 1/20.   I rately use it, thus I do not expect much from Discover.


I tried CLI today and got this.   I would not permit them to pull my profile unless I expect double / triple increase...  but my experience with Discover has been tiny scrumbles each time.

Is Discover CLI hard pull now?

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Re: Discover CLI - Hard pull??

It's still a soft pull unless they request to do a hard pull in which case they will ask you as they did. 

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Re: Discover CLI - Hard pull??

It’s soft pull unless the system flags something in your profile warranting a hard pull. The language will be present stating they need to do so as you can see but I personally wouldn’t waste a HP on it. 


Either way way good luck 

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Re: Discover CLI - Hard pull??

Okay...more puzzles now.

When Discover can look though my profile through soft pull any time they want, why would they want HP?

I applied only one card last 12 months - not counting biz cards...and I am certain Discover has an access to the history.   Anyone had any similar experience?

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Re: Discover CLI - Hard pull??

It might not hurt to wait 91-days before requesting a CLI with Discover.  Discover automatically gave me a CLI after the first 90-days, but denied my phone request 30-days after the initial CLI.  I then called Discover 91-days after the last CLI and really put the charm on during the call, which resulted in $2K CLI.  I've also read in the community that you can hit the CLI button on your account directly AFTER you are approved for a CLI over the phone, but I doubt I have the guts to even try it.


I am no expert on Discover after having the card for only six-months as of today, but it seems like 91-days is more reliable in my modest experience than the 30-day intervals I've been reading about in the community.  Best of luck to you!!!

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Re: Discover CLI - Hard pull??

Disco, or any other creditor can do a HP at their discretion. I think we're so used to seeing SP done that we expect it now. I would wait 91 days to ask for a CLI and see how that goes. Good luck, OP!

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