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Does Discover PC affect CLI or app for 2nd card?

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Does Discover PC affect CLI or app for 2nd card?

As usual, thank you all in advance for your support. My credit journey wouldn't be possible without the help of myFico!


I currently have a Discover It Chrome - Started w/ Discover It Secured @ $200. Upped to $300 in October '19. Graduated December '19 to $1500, unsecured. I am looking to apply for a 2nd card, but I don't want to ruin my chances by doing things out of order.


Until recently, the option to product change my Chrome card was not available, for some reason. I can now upgrade to the 5% cash back card. I tried a pre-qual for the 2nd card, but was denied. The reason listed was the number of Discover accounts I have. I know there is a 12 month (or is it 12 statements?) rule with Discover. My first statement cut on April 11, 2019, but I had only had the card since April 1st. I also had a due date change in September, so now my statements cut on the 20th of each month.


Also until recently, I was unable to do a manual CLI on their website. The option is now available to me. What is my best course of action if I want both a CLI and a product change on the 1st card, and when am I eligible for a 2nd card? FYI, I was an AU on a Discover account until December 2018, if that means anything...

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Re: Does Discover PC affect CLI or app for 2nd card?

You will be after exactly one yr..the pre approval will tell ya if its time to will be there if your are.. Product changing will not hurt nothing. and Yes you can request CLI now But you will not get one Until 91 days from the Date Your Credit Limit Changed from When You Graduated


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