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@K-in-BostonI'm sorry I misspoke, highest util is 77% then 63% 60% everything else is either paid off or under 50%.  Although I will be paying off that 77% balance this month.

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@LawStudentCivilis wrote:

Ultimately, I would rather sit tight and not apply for any credit.  I don't like new accounts, and I don't like juggling so many cards, etc.


However, I received a pre-approved mailer from FNBO.  It's for their Visa Rewards card.  It has actually peaked my interest as it has a 0% balance transfer option, and this is the only card I would be interested in at the moment.


Since I found myself entertaining the possibility of applying for a new card I began to wonder about Navy.  I have gone through a lot of the past posts here on the forum and I can't get a sense of what type of profiles they like.  I don't know if I would be wasting my time if I pursued them.


I joined them about 7 months ago.  I joined to establish a relationship, and possibly explore other products down the line.  My primary concern with Navy is if I apply with them, I would hate to end up with a 2k or 3k SL.  I would rather have an outright denial than have a new account added that I can't really use for my purposes. (I would like to take advantage of their BT with 0% fee).


I checked the pre-qual site of FNBO and it says I am pre-approved for $15k SL.  I am fully aware anytime I apply for any credit, regardless of pre-approvals I can be denied. 


I guess the point of me writing this is to feel out whether I should go with FNBO since they seem to have given me an idea/tangible options of how they view my profile, or should I roll the dice with Navy? I would rather not pay a bt fee if possible.  I am also not interested in nursing a small limit and asking for CLI down the line. I am past that. I did this with PenFed for 6 months and I was denied. 


I have no derogatory info on my report.  TU is my lowest score though at 716 (this is TU8), I do not have a current TU9 score.  I believe this score is suffering due to mult cards holding a balance.  I have paid down a significant amount over the last 5 to 6 months, it would have gone down so much further if they were on a 0% card.


I am looking for advice about the general opinion on here of what Navy seems to gravitate towards, not necessarily a definitive yay or nay on my profile.  

I have both.   I love Navy!!   They have never done me wrong.

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