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Genesis credit and Wayfair - How do I use this?!

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Genesis credit and Wayfair - How do I use this?!

When I was checking out at Wayfair a few nights ago, I decided to just give the SP a shot and see if I would be approved for anything. I was, Genesis Credit for 2500.00. I ended up not completeing my purchase because I got gun shy on the couch I chose, and took a cooling off period. I went back to complete the purchase and there is nowhere for me to put my info! 

Genesis said to look for an area for my account number, but I was at work and away from my desk. Wayfair says I need to go through that credit approval dialouge each time, which I unfortunately believed and it just did another soft pull, but this time I was denied by everyone, except Genesis which was no longer on the list . I cannot figure out how to do this! 

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Re: Genesis credit and Wayfair - How do I use this?!


Hi and welcome
Sorry, I don't know the answer but bumping this just in case another knowledgeable forum member missed this post.

Have you tried the SCT lately. It may have been timing.
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Re: Genesis credit and Wayfair - How do I use this?!

Wayfair is comenity bank , who is genesis? 

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Re: Genesis credit and Wayfair - How do I use this?!

it might one of those "second chance" credit offers


I applied for a 0% NordicTrack bike (~$2,000) a while back, was denied, but approved for a $3000 Fortiva Retail Credit Account instead.  I kind of did the same thing, and didnt complete the purchase because the terms weren't as good, and I figured wasn't worth it any longer.


I ended up with this credit account that I can see and log into, but have no idea how to use.  I had $3,000 in available credit to seemingly use anywhere Fortiva Retail Credit was accepted.  The problem was, I couldn't find anyone that accepts it (and I couldn't even use it on NordicTrack anymore as far as I could see).  I even tried calling Fortiva and asking them if I could get a list of retailers that accepts it, and they refused to tell me!  Very sketchy.


After a ton of googling, I came across the "second chance credit" explanation, but that's about all I know about it, and the account has remained dormant ever since.


This sounds like a similar situation and after some quick googling,


comes up, maybe you can log into your account there.

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