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Help with amex line up

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Re: Help with amex line up

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
How does one get a card with a $500 AF and $500 limit?

Get a First Premier.


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Re: Help with amex line up

I concur will those who recommended Platinum > Delta Reserve.  If you are willing to spend the AF on DR then think of spending $100 more to earn the right to 5x your Delta flights(and all flights direct) versus 2x on Delta flights with DR.  PLUS the AMEX and Priority Pass lounges on top of the Delta lounges, plus baggage fee reimbursement, plus the Uber credits, plus the potential hotel perks, plus the status on SPG and Hilton, and something else but you get the point.  

Assuming you're using a card to get perks versus carry a balance the Platinum is a no brainer compared to DR.  The only reason to pick the DR would be if you put a ton of spend on there and really really really value Delta status and don't fly out of ATL or DFW.  ....or if your annual baggage fees are just so much that you can't justify the perks of Platinum.  


there are plenty of solid travel cards out there by other banks as well(currently seeking some myself) but since you're asking about AMEX I'd like to throw it out there that I think people are sleeping on the Hilton Aspire and the SPG Luxury cards.  

Both come with Priority Pass and property credits, both also get points on flights purchased direct on top of large bonus points on general spend and branded spend.  

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Re: Help with amex line up

Hi OP, i would go with either of these choices below.


1. AMEX Platinum and AMEX EDP


2. AMEX Delta Platinum (annual companion certificate) and AMEX EDP 


Both options above will let you collect MRs a matter of wanting lounches over the travel companion certificate.  


I have all three.  I use the EDP to collect MRs on categories, the AMEX Delta Platinum for the annual certificate (used for son or spouse when we travel) and the AMEX Platinum for lounches and other perks.

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