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Home Depot application troubles - Need some help/guidance

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Home Depot application troubles - Need some help/guidance

HI All, hope everybody is well. I haven't posted in awhile but still come here and keep up to date on everything. Hoping someone can guide or advise on my situation with my Home Depot app. So I did the prequal and it says I was prequalified so I went ahead and apped. It came back saying I needed to call in. I did and the lady said there was some sort of issue with SS# not matching or something to that effect but it did cost me a hard pull. She recommended I reapply direct and not use the prequal this time, so I did. Same message to call in. This lady said I was declined and I would receive the reason why in 7 to 10 days. So i got 2 messages on my application. First said about the SS# not matching up and the 2nd message just referenced double app. Nothing saying I was declined because of credit score or any other reasonings on a decline letter. I call in today just to see what the deal is and the girl says I see all that in the system and it could have just been a prequal snafu that caused this as I have a very common name and it may have pulled the wrong SS# or something of someone else with my common name. She sees nothing of me being declined due to my credit. She says we can try it again for you at the expense of another hard pull???? I already wasted a hard pull and am not willing to risk another and walk away with nothing. Is there nothing I can do? And how can you charge me a hard pull if there was a mix up? Any advice? Anybody ever experience this and what were you able to do? Appreciate anything. Thanks all!

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Re: Home Depot application troubles - Need some help/guidance

Call back and ask to speak to a supervisor in verification.  Obviously they have the right ss# cause they dinged your report.  Do you have or have had any freezes or fraud alerts on any of your 3b's?  You will get a letter.  You are also entitled to a free report from due to the denial.

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Re: Home Depot application troubles - Need some help/guidance

They’ll HP you to hell and back without ever getting results. I asked for a CLI in August (HP of course) and after doing the HP, they told me it hasn’t been long enough since I asked. It had been six months. If that’s not long enough, then why did I take a HP? Why didn’t you just say “it hasn’t been long enough, try back in X months”?

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