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Does anyone know how tough they are to get a card? I have a checking and savings account with them and was thinking about getting the cash back card.

A banker said I was prequalified for the financing and point rewards card and wasn’t sure if the cash back was harder to get?

I currently don’t have a 2% no annual fee card.
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Re: Keybank

I got preappoved for a points and 0% cards a few months ago when I opened an account. I ignored it because I had just opened up a new card and car loan. They sent me a reminder that I was approved and I had two more weeks to take advantage. I said what the bleep and went for it.


i got the 7-10 day. The UW reached out to me to ask a few questions. All my accounts are new because I started my rebuild in the fall. When she hung up I thought it was a denial. She called back a few days later with more questions, then a third call to let me know I was approved. My scores were 670-690. Low utilization and 2017 BK.


I doubt that new card has harder UW. Frankly it isn’t much better than the points card unless you jump through all the hoops. (Checking, savings, etc). If you already have those accounts then it’s free money so go for it.


oh btw in the second or third call the UW told me (too late) that the offer was for both cards. I have never seen a bank  say “here take two”, ever...


They pull Equifax which has the lowest amount of pulls for me, by far. So I might app for the card in a year

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Re: Keybank

I don't think they're thin-file/new credit (I have 1yr 4mos) friendly.. They pulled Equifax too.. **bleep** Smiley Indifferent

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Re: Keybank

For this, we need @Mahraja 


Not sure where he’s been lately....Hopefully he’ll chime in. 

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Re: Keybank

the op has both checking and savings with key so it wont be a problem getting approved for credit card on the other hand getting a banking product from them is different story they are SCS which stands for super chex sensitivity Smiley Happy

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Re: Keybank

Newbie poster here, recent app w/Approval for KeyBank Latitude Card, thought I'd chime in: 695 Equifax, lowest level checking customer Hassle Free no fee account, basically a prepaid debit card account with a brick and mortar bank. Opened 2 years ago. Stopped using when credit ready to establish with Chase. Dormant for about a year of any regular activity.

Fast forward to this week: closed $2500 secured Discover card, needed a replacement of $2K plus limit.

- Chase Business Ink Preferred: nada, already have Sapphire Reserve, gave me auto $7500 CLI to $22, 500 from $15K limit after 4 months. Probably thought they'd wait to see if I accepted offer for mortgage first. No thanks
-App'd Latitude card. Fraud alert on Equifax required ID. Sent. Approved $2K. And in most ways it's better than the Discover IT it replaced.

Gonna take other posters advice, get in good with them, open business accounts tomorrow. Expect to have CLI on Latitude within 6 months.

Hope my entry helps. Keep pushing, ya'll!

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Re: Keybank

Thanks everyone,

If I get brave enough, I’ll apply.
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