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NFCU membership application ?

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NFCU membership application ?

So i just open a check and savings with nfcu rep told me NO hard pull only soft for membership but Hard pull for any type of credit application.

She then told me they would require identification verification (drivers license, and something with my address) Uploaded the docs bia online portal.

My question is how long does nfcu typically get through those uploadsed docs?? im sure orhers have gone through this.

Reason for joining was to take advantage of they’re awesome CC’s ! thanks guys!
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Re: NFCU membership application ?

They get them immediately, how long they take to actually review them is likely 1 or 2 days.  I never got an email or anything after I uploaded mine online as a confirmation they reviewed it.  A few days after, I went to the website and clicked on "Sign up for online banking".  It asks for your last name, dob, ssn, and email.  It logged me right in to my account.   I recieved my membership info in the mail about a week later.

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