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Navy Federal Secured Card Issue

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Navy Federal Secured Card Issue

So I have had a Navy Federal card for a year and a half. When I first put in my initial $500 deposit I was under the impression that after 13 months of on time payment history that it would be converted to an unsecured card. That has not been the case. Never missed a payment and my credit score has gone from 520 to 617 and still nothing. Do they not convert them anymore? If so what kind of score are they looking for?

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Re: Navy Federal Secured Card Issue

Hello and welcome to myFICO! They are automatically reviewed for graduation and nobody knows what they are looking for. Have you tried applying for an unsecured card?


Kind of off topic, can I ask if you ever increased the limit on the card by adding additional funds? Thank you

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Re: Navy Federal Secured Card Issue

*this* what Scupra said. You may be eligble for an unsecured card even with a low score. It might be worth a shotSmiley Happy
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Re: Navy Federal Secured Card Issue

Also what else is going on within your profile, that's keeping the score so low...

Navy can & has converted a bunch of folks, way under a year w/o more context it's hard to tell, what they may not be liking as they do their ARs on your profile...

There has to be a reason why after over a year of well management your score hasn't risen above 617

Remember Navy is just a vendor but the FICO score is altogether a separate issue, WHAT'S going on that the FICO model is still downgrading the profile, there's something missing....
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Re: Navy Federal Secured Card Issue

Have you had new collections showin up on your credit?



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