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PenFed Pathfinder Recon Email Help

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PenFed Pathfinder Recon Email Help

I applied for the Pathfinder so I could escape the checked bag fees of airlines, and with no annual fee. However, I was declined for "Lenth of Time Accounts were Established". I gave it a few days and called them today, but the male who answered the phone (who happened to be super awesome! I just didn't get what I wanted) told me that, based on my age (20) and my reasoning for denial, I should take out a credit building loan. I know he didn't look at my credit report and assumed I was a naive teenager, but I HAVE 8 CREDIT CARDS and a credit building loan at Alliant. I asked about speaking to the loan department, but he told me credit card recon was done through email (again, I wanted to disagree, but I just told him thank you very politely and that I would email).


I'm kind of scared to call back again (I called 1-800-247-5626, their main line). Maybe I should call back and ask for a loan officer right away? Biggest thing I don't want to deal with talking about are the 3 CCs I applied for 5 months ago.


I wrote this email, and if anyone had suggestions to change it, I would love them! Not sure if I should talk about the 3 CCs or not, or talk about the rewards, I don't do recon very well! Please suggest edits below! Also, let me know if I should remove anything too. Thanks! 

To whom it may concern,

Hi, my name is tyler539. I recently joined your credit union and am excited to use some of your banking products. However, I applied for the Pathfinder credit card and was declined due to "LEN OF TIME ACCTS ESTABLISHED", and I was hoping to seek a reconsideration on my application (#123456789).
I consistently book flights to visit my family back home, and PenFed's Pathfinder matched my need exactly. Between the good reputation of the credit union from what I read online, the TSA credit, and the $100 travel fee incidentals, making this my primary travel card would be perfect.
I have made use of credit products from other institutions for 2.5 years responsibly. My utilization has always been low and I have never carried a balance, only spending what I have the money for. I try to save money responsibly where I can, and I have found credit card rewards, while only a few percentage points off each transaction, have saved me a lot.
I am not seeking for a high limit nor a low annual percentage rate. I was hoping for a credit limit that would allow me to book round trip flights (without maxing the card out), so that I could use the card to be an active member of the credit union for future growth.
Thank you for your time and best wishes,

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Re: PenFed Pathfinder Recon Email Help

Don't mention the $100 travel credit or things like that. That perk isn't really advertised and is buried in the card terms. In my talking with Penfed reps, I get the impression that they don't all know about the $100 credit, so imo it's probably a bit safer to just not mention it so if anything they'll just see it as an app for any given card.

I'd take out everything after the first comma in the second paragraph and take out the third sentence in the third paragraph "I try to save money..."

They don't need to know all that stuff, and I don't think telling them all that will help your odds and if anything may hurt it cuz 1. Makes the letter more long winded 2. Gets them actively thinking about how much free benefit you're going to drain out of the Pathfinder. All they need to think about is "this kids going to spend money on a CC" they don't need to think about all this "$100 credit, no annual fee, saving money with credit card rewards".

Actually, don't talk about not carrying debt either. They want you to carry debt so leave the mystery on that one.
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