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Penfed denial.....I'm stumped

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Re: Penfed denial.....I'm stumped

Update on this...I contacted the EO and they reversed the denial and approved me for a $5000 PLC but did not remove the second hard inq.

Gardening goal April 2017 to allow new accounts to age and INQ to fall off. Current scores FICO 8 EQ 696, TU 702, EX 724 Goal 800
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Re: Penfed denial.....I'm stumped

PenFed seems like an odd duck, in some instances they appear to be throwing money at people and in others treat them like Pariahs.


Very odd considering some of the data points involved. 

Ch 7 Discharged Jan 16; Credit Scores around 700 + or - 10 points or so (estimate haven't checked any real scores in a while)
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Re: Penfed denial.....I'm stumped

Congratulations on your approval and nice job with the recon, way to go!!!

EX08: 750(12)inqs, TU08: 739 (11)inqs, EQ08: 731 (7)inqs. 4% util., $169,450 spread across 10 cards. THE DIRT: (1) 60 days late-9/13, (2) 30 days late-7/13 as of 6/8/18
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Re: Penfed denial.....I'm stumped

What do your schedule C's show on your returns?

EQ- 723 TU- 739 EX- 716 now 579/581/574 Last Feb.
$200K+ in credit~~~~~Amex PRG NPSL ~Penfed Plat Visa $50,000~Directions FCU $30,000~Alliant Platinum $25,000~Lowes $25,000~CapOne Venture One $16,700~U$X FCU $15,000~Barclays Rewards $10,000~Amex BCP $10,000~Amex Hilton Honors $10,000~Amex BC $3,000~Art Van $10,000~Home Depot $3,000
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