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Pre-Qualification question

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Re: Pre-Qualification question

Hey there OP. What were your scores like when you were approved for Venture? Did you prequalify? Single digit APR on prequal? Im in applicaiton limbo with that card. Trying to figure approval odds. 

AMEX GOLD: NO SET LIMIT (12/18), AMEX BCE: 3000 (10/18), CAPITAL ONE QS: 1350 (02/17), CITI AADVANTAGE PLATINUM WEMC: 13,700 (12/18), DISCOVER IT CB: 2500 (11/18), DISCOVER IT CHROME: 3500 (03/16), WELLS FARGO PLATINUM: 1300 (02/16), VENTURE: 5000 (01/19) CITI PRESTIGE 13000 (05/19) AMEX HILTON SURPASS 5600 (03/19).

One 6 year 11 month old medical charge off on TU and EQ. Not reporting to EX.
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Re: Pre-Qualification question

I did prequalified for it, Apr wise I was double digits I want to say around 24.99 if I remember correctly . All 3 CR were low 700’s. The process did take over 2 weeks before I got the card. Overall utilization was under 15% . Just be patient nowadays the venture card does take a while if it goes into review.
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