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Question about Amex CLI

New Contributor

Question about Amex CLI

Hello all....


This forum has taught me everything I know, literally. So, I began my credit journey in 2019 @522, I hit my newest high of 811 in may yay!!


I have been growing my cards steadily, and recently acquired an Amex back in March. It's due for a possible CLI. 

I also want to open a business CC, as almost everything I swipe my cards for is for business. I need a decently beefy line, of at least 20k+.


Heres my credentials:


NFCU MR - $14,300

NFCU CR - $3,000 (due for CLI)

AMEX BCE - $1,800

Discover - $4,500

Amazon Store Card - $5,400

Petal - $1,100

Cap1J - $700

Cap1QS - $500

AU - 2 year old Best Buy Visa $10,000

SSL Navy Federal - Opened in September 2020, 5.4% balance


Youngest Account - March

Oldest Account - Cap1 J 1.6 years AU 2 years


Utilization: 2.3% 

0 Collections



Experian 802

Transunion 799

Equifax 811


Recent Tax Return - $44,000


With these credentials, do I have a shot at the business CC + desired line? Also for the 3x CLI ?


thank you to all who can help. 

In the Garden since 09/16/2020
Started my Credit Journey 04/2019, 2 Collections with no Credit History


Re: Question about Amex CLI & Their business CC

  1. Business and personal cards discussions should be kept separate.

Please feel free to pose a question about business card approval in Business section of the forum, while only addressing CLI, or anything else related to personal cards. 




Post removed, please keep business conversation separate

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