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Really, Capital One?

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Re: Really, Capital One?

@kdm31091 wrote:

Trying to recon or solve any issue with Capital One will result in you tearing your hair out and likely getting nowhere. They are not a bad company, but it's very hard to get any problem solved with them.



Exactly why I closed all my "branded" accounts with them - strange thing is they treat me completely different with my co-branded GM card - that one is golden. Also had the wife close all but one card with them - just not worth the BS. 

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Re: Really, Capital One?

Cap1 is a mixed bag honestly. After fraudulent charges were charged on my account, i called them to report this. Not only did Cap1 reverse the charge but so did the merchant (what a shock). I guess they realized it was fraud. This resulted in two reversals instead of one which means there was extra credit on my account. When i called Cap1 to ask that they take back their reversal because the merchant had also reversed the charge, it took them damn near 2 months to do it because they couldnt understand I was trying to explain to them that I now had too much credit. Ridiculous.

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