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The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide

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Re: The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide

I just wanted to share that i got rejected on my initial 60 day cli request. Reason they gave was I had a BK in my history. I tried again 90 days later and got approved. 

Some additional context. I got approved for both the Gold card and BCE with 1k limit, on the same day. Was surprised I got rejected for my first request , and was further deterred when read on a different thread that it wasn't uncommon to get rejected when Amex only gives you 1k to start. I'm glad I stuck with the plan and retried the 3x cli request and got the approval. 

For those that got rejected after 60days, don't get discouraged. Keep trying.

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Re: The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide

@Gregory1776 wrote:

Is it archived? Still readable? Or at least the important information?

The point of the thread reboots is to minimize their size going forward. Part of that is putting all the information on the first page and keeping it updated. While you'll be able to come back and read this one, at some point the newer thread will have more up to date info.

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