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Truist Issues

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Truist Issues

So I just moved to Atlanta and ive been in the garden for a while. Truist wasn't an option in Oklahoma.  Late night boredom led me to apply. All 5 cards were offered. But they "can't verify my identity". I called this morning and they claim to have no record of me ever applying. And that was with 2 transfers and on the phone for about 20 minutes on hold. 


Any thoughts?



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Re: Truist Issues

I had this same issue a year ago. The way I resolved it was to apply in branch. I don't think there is any way to get around this. Good luck.

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Re: Truist Issues

Same issue for me last year. Was approved for $6k, got a call to confirm i apped, they welcomed me aboard, then got an email hours later stating they couldn't verify my identity, I called back and they said there was no record of my app or phone conversation of approval.


Very weird situation.


I went with FNBO Evergreen after that debacle and probably won't ever App for Truist again.

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Re: Truist Issues

Apply in branch. Trusit does have a lot of application issues.


Choose the card you really want, there is no PC options. 


HP for all CLI.





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