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Two Chase apps on same day

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Two Chase apps on same day

On the Chase site I have pre approvals for several cards. Any DPs if  1 or 2 pulls will happen if I decide to go for two of the pre approvals? Thx for any info.

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Re: Two Chase apps on same day

You might consider applying in branch, or over the phone to possibly avoid an automatic double pull by their computer system... At least with a human you can ask if they could use a single pull. Best of luck. 

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Re: Two Chase apps on same day

You will get at least 1 hard pull for each application as Chase does not reuse them. There is a decent chance that each application would trigger a hard pull from Experian and a hard pull from either Transunion or Equifax.   Also, you shouldn't be surprised that once you apply for the 1st card all of the remaining preapprovals immediately disappear.


Be aware that Chase does not like to approve 2 cards on the same day. If you manage to slip through the cracks and get approved for both cards (it does happen) there is a high probabilty that somewhere around 3-6 weeks after the approvals they will close the 2nd card without warning but leave the 1st card untouched.

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Re: Two Chase apps on same day

It will be individual hard pulls each application. and sometime chase will pull muliple reports so you are looking at up to 4 hard pullls

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Re: Two Chase apps on same day

I agree with going in branch for at least one of the applications. It is most likely that your second application would go into secondary review so doing that one in branch might be useful as long as you can answer why you want both right now. Chase does not like merging pulls, I have a feeling if you try to apply to both cards on the same day, it'll probably anger them, and get them to double pull bureaus as they feel like your risker. Personally, even if you want both right now, I'd wait a couple of days or a week for the algorithms to "cool off" so you don't look too hot.

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