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UBS Visa Infinite

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UBS Visa Infinite

Applied for the card in September through FedEx, finally got a letter this past week asking for a copy of ID and signed SS card via mail. Sent it via FedEx within a day or two. Does anyone have an idea what type of SL or even if I will be approved? I also saw that some people were approved with just a soft pull, so hopefully someone can weigh in if that's common practice or not.


FICOs around 740s, lol/24, many inquiries. Highest CL is $110k with Chase Freedom Unlimited, currently reporting $30k balance. Total CL is about $350-400k, reported income is around 300k. 

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Re: UBS Visa Infinite

Hello @Anonymous, and welcome to the forums.


Not sure if the link below can provide you with some guidance on your quest for the UBS Infinite card, but you can definitely read up on it. You can also do a search for "UBS" in the Approvals subforum to view other results.


A few items of consideration:

- If you're currently a UBS client with considerable assets, then this can weigh somewhat on their decision. If approved, it can be either a Visa Signature or Visa Infinite based on their UW criteria. In most cases, it'll be a HP.

 - The decision can depend on any existing UBS relationship (if applicable), your income, income sources, financial statements (if requested), and other factors.  Unfortunately, no method for us to determine what limit would be assigned, if approved.
- If you have several inquiries and/or new accounts in the past 12-24 months, the outcome may be iffy at best.


Keep your thread updated on any developments with your application.

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