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US Bank Cash + Approval Data Points? Opinions?

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US Bank Cash + Approval Data Points? Opinions?

Hey all. First time poster and new to the forums. I was hoping to get some info from the community about their experience with the US Bank Cash + card. My wife and I have recently changed up our credit card strategy and the Cash + (and Elan Max Cash Preferred) is on the top of our list. I've read a lot about how strict US Bank is with approvals, so I wanted to share my stats and hear what others think about my approval odds and how their approvals went. I'll be applying beginning of March. Here goes:


Relationship: Student Checking Account for almost 2 years (never kept more than $150 in it, mainly used as a seperate account to seperate taxes owed from 1099 side hustle) and Business Platinum Card ($500 limit, used for 0% balance transfer that is being paid off as we speak)

Inquiries: 1/6, 2/12, 3/24 (TransUnion Data)

FICO Score: 726 TU (they pull TU here), Utilization around 8%, but probably will be closer to 3% around time of application

New accounts: 1/6, 2/12, 6/24  most recent was JetBlue Plus on 1/2021, the second card last year was an AU on my wife's Gold card

Income: 50K


I'm a little bit worried the new account from last month will play a big factor and probably trigger a denial, so any and all opinions and data points appreciated!

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