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Where should i start?

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Where should i start?

Hello all,


I am trying to decide on what card to apply for - i only have one credit card currently - BOA with a limit of 8600 - only has about $500 on it.  My scores are Transunion 775 and Equifax 773.  The BOA is a rewards card and I have had it for 10 plus years - it also has a 7% rate so i plan on keeping it.  I have no other cards currently because they wall were closed 4 years ago when i paid them off.  I have no bankrupcy, late payments, or bad marks.  I am trying to decide the best card to apply for - i have one hard pull on my report currently.  I like the idea of a rewards card for possible travel of cash back.  Any suggestions on where to start?



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Re: Where should i start?

Welcome to the board! Chase right now CSR in particular is very popular in terms for travel - you can check it out online and read more about it! You are way under 5/24 so I'm pretty sure you'll be no brainer approve! It's minumum Starting Limit (SL) is $10,000 and you need to spend $4,000 in 3 months to get their 100,000 sign up bonus, has an annual fee of $450 but well worth it with the 100,000K bonus plus other perks! 


I guess if you have to get 2 more cards go for the prime ones? Chase, Citi, AMEX and Discover? Smiley Happy 


Whichever you choose! keep us posted! Good luck to you!!!

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Re: Where should i start?

The world is your oyster my friendSmiley Happy With a profile like yours im sure you can have the pick of the litter. Besides the aforementioned big co's, ever think of getting cli on the boa?. Ive heard they can be generous with cli and it seems you have the score and history to boot. Best of luck. Smiley Happy
OCTOBER 26 2020
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Re: Where should i start?

Agree 100% with Average Joe. You can probably get any card you want. With your history, the HP for the BofA CLI would totally be worth it as well.

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