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Where to go from here - next card?

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Where to go from here - next card?

I started rebuilding my credit in the mid 500s with a discover secured at 1k. It's been about 8 months and I'm at TU: 646, EX: 671, EQ: 644. 


I have two charge offs that I PIF'd  and three collection accounts for $849, $1957, and $194. None of those collections or charge offs are from credit cards. They're from old cell phone bills. My overall revolving credit utilization is about usually < 5%. 


My Discover IT secured hasn't graduated yet. I'm at 9 months. I've not been late with them or anything, so not sure what's holding me back. Regardless, I'm looking to get an unsecured card next, but I'm not sure what cards I have a realistic chance for approval on. Any advice?


I have an annual income of $85,000 and my DTI is low.


I bank with Chase. AAOA is 7 years, due to student loans, which I've never been late on.



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Re: Where to go from here - next card?

Your Ex is good enough for an AmexSmiley Happy
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Re: Where to go from here - next card?

I would start by checking prequalification pages to see if anything comes up. Capital One, Citibank, Amex, Chase, Discover, and a few others have them. Other than Discover, Amex & Cap1 like thin files. I’d probably favor Amex in this case, since Cap1 pulls all three CBs and doesn’t grow much if you’re bucketed. However, it’s at least a MasterCard.

If you’re still only getting secured card offers, you might have to bite the bullet and take it just to get your foot in another door.

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Re: Where to go from here - next card?

Agree with AJC, AMEX will have you.


You bank with Chase... I would leave a slot in the 5/24 so you will be able to take advantage of their offer when it comes.

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