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3 for 6

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3 for 6

685 tu, 682 exp, 678 equi

Current cards:

Cap1 Plat 500

Cap 1 QS 500

Indigo Mastercard 300


student loans 7k remaining of 11.5k


one baddy collection 287 balance..this is supposed to be coming off next report. will dispute if not



Discover Cash Back...approved for 8k!

Barclays Uber....approved for 1.2k!

Paypal Cashback MC....approved for 1k!


Amex PreQual for Cash Magnet.....declined

Apple Card.......declined

Lowe's Store Card.....7-10 day which I assume is declined


All in all for someone that had a credit score in the 450 range in May, I'm pretty hyped. I went from 1300 available credit to 11,500 in an hour.


I assume I should garden for at least 6 months now. But once that collection comes off I know I'll at least reapply for the Apple Card since it's a soft-pull. 

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Re: 3 for 6


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Re: 3 for 6

Thats crazy good for 3 months. Disco wants to be your bestie so pour on the romanceSmiley Happy CongratsSmiley Happy
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Re: 3 for 6

A solid win with the Discover!  Congrats.

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Re: 3 for 6

Congrats! Work that Discover hahaha

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Re: 3 for 6

CONGRATS!! Smiley Wink
*Note* The Apple Card will definitely be a TU HP.


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Re: 3 for 6

Congratulations on all those Approvals!


"I assume I should garden for at least 6 months now"   .. Probably a good ideaSmiley Wink

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