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AMEX BCP Approval

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Re: AMEX BCP Approval


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Re: AMEX BCP Approval

@babson: I actually thought of a PC. As Uncle B stated; the sign up bonus was worth the ding in score and AAoA for my lifestyle.  I have a large family so I wanted a card to replace my recently closed SM and the BCP fills that with an extra 1%, we will have no problem using the $6k per year limit before finishing up the year with the BCE for groceries.  The BCP offer came with a $450 bonus, $250 for a $1k spend in three months and up to $200 for my cellhone purchases.  So in essence, all I have to do is pay my cellphone bill for the next three months with the card and I get $450 for doing something I was gonna do anyway. The groceries are just extra gravy and the $250 for $1k spend based on my very basic arthmetic covers 3.25 years of AF.

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Re: AMEX BCP Approval

Thanks all, I'm very happy with the approval though, I wish the limit was higher and the APR lower but, I plan to PIF.  I'll try to get a 3x cli at 61 days and when it's time, I'll transfer some of my BCE limit and shoot for an APR just because.


@juniornj23 The stats in my signature were the stats when I apped.  My baddies are: a paid in full for less than the amount (settlement) on a BofA account from 1/11, a foreclosure from 1/12 and (2) 30 days lates from 2013.  Scores and HP's are the same as in my sig. 


I must say I've had a very busy 90 days.  The end of March 2016 I had 7 credit cards.  As of this approval, I have apped and was approved for 7 more cards. One of the approvals, I closed upon activation (Discover IT) and I closed two more older cards (Sallie Mae and AARP) and replaced them.  My AAoA dropped 1.2 yrs from 5.4 to 4.2 years as of the result of 5 of the new accounts reporting and their respective HPs. I was recently approved for Blispay card and like many here; I'm hoping it is a hidden TL and I expect to take another hit when the BCP reports.  The positive is I can now enter the garden, there are no other cards currently out that I want. I was considering the BCP and the new Citi Costco Visa but, I don't think I need the Costco card now.   The scores in my sig and the drops in points are the result of my app spree.

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Re: AMEX BCP Approval

Congrats, on a great addition!!!

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Re: AMEX BCP Approval

Curious, why did you close Sallie Mae?
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Re: AMEX BCP Approval

@wanderingbuilder I wanted the Sallie Mae for the 5% gas and groceries mainly. What l didn't like was the threat of AA looming for using my credit as l see fit. So I got the PenFed gas card and a 5% gas card from USAA. The BCP for groceries at 6%, so now I don't worry about Barclays quirkiness.
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Re: AMEX BCP Approval

Congrats on the approval

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