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After Chase’s first auto CLI

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After Chase’s first auto CLI

So I’ve had the CSP for 5 month now. My current statement period is my 6th. And I’ve received an auto CLI of $5000–> $6500.
(Now after this increase total limit is $30k.)
I’m sure most of you guys who started with $5000 must have gotten this.

Just wondering, what can I do next?

I originally wanted to apply for $10k limit after 6 month. Now they gave me an auto increase I don’t feel like asking for 10k is “fair”?

So when did you guys get your next auto CLI after $5-$6.5k jump? I heard it just never happened again and you have to request it with a HP.

I mean I would upgrade to CSR after 12 months of CSP anyway and I will take a HP either way.

So can I ask for the $10k next month after 6th statement closes? Or just wait for 12th statement?


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Re: After Chase’s first auto CLI

Honestly, I would wait. Unless you want to pursue a CLI which would potentially end up with 2 HPs. If you're patient enough and based on how you use the card, it's possible you may get another auto-CLI at some point.
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Re: After Chase’s first auto CLI

I agree with @FinStar

Congrats on your auto increase! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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