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Amazon Prime Store Card


Amazon Prime Store Card

Looked at my "Card Radar List" and realized that there was only one Synchrony card left that I wanted to acquire.  I actually thought I would be denied since I have always applied in the past and got an automatic decline.  But, since I've been on a winning streak over the past two days with Synchrony, I took a stab at it.  Instantly approved for $600. I've been seeing mixed opinions on how well Synchrony cards can grow, but I'm going to work hard at making them work for me.


Only 5 cards left that I really like.  Those are with the big boys, so I need my current scores and cards to grow, grow, grow!  Another day of excitement for me! Smiley Very Happy

Indigo $300 (SL)/Credit One Bank $2,500 (SL)/Dell Preferred $3,000 (SL)/Wayfair $1,000 (SL)
Current Scores: EX: 606 CK TU: 689 CK EQ: 646, Ch. 13 BK Filed Nov. '18
Starting Scores: EX: 606 CK TU: 689 CK EQ: 646, Ch. 13 BK Filed Nov. '18
***Last App 11/25/19 & Gardening***
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Re: Amazon Prime Store Card

Congrats! That's a low starting limit but hopefully through some gardening it'll grow a bit.
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Re: Amazon Prime Store Card

Congrats OP!!


I started with $700 limit and am 7 months in. No increase yet. I was denied everytime I asked so I've given up til I hit a year. Others seem to have better success! BUT I also have 2 judgements (due to fall off in 2017 and 2018) which are really holding me back. 

NFCU: $25,000; PenFed Power Cash Rewards: $3,500; PenFed Gold: $2,500; Capital One: $2,300; Nordstrom Visa: $2,000; Credit One: $1,250
Amazon: 800; Kohls: $1,500
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Re: Amazon Prime Store Card

Congrats OP! I'd call and ask for an increase. I just got approved a couple of days ago for $1800; called and said I needed to make some large purchases and Amazon is my primary shopping outlet, and asked for a $7K CL. Got countered at $3.5k. Automatic increase of almost 100% just for asking Smiley Happy


At the time of asking I was 670 TU, one judgement from 2011 satisfied in 2014, 90 days from 2014, and a 90 days from 2010. Multiple 30/60 days from 2014. No collections.


Starting (May 2020)

Reaching for 750+
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Re: Amazon Prime Store Card

Congratulations! I'm glad to hear about your new SL. Enjoy it and use it wisely.
***FICO08 as of: Dec 19th 2017-EX: 731 | EQ: 727 | TU: 756***

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Re: Amazon Prime Store Card

Congrats OP , I really want to get in with Synch but waiting a tad longer for my accts to age some bf I try Amazon . Enjoy the new card !
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Re: Amazon Prime Store Card

I started with $600 and low TU scores (2) years ago.


Now the Synchrony Amazon is a steady $10K and could be more if wanted.


Takes time at first but it should eventually grow like a weed for you.


Congratulations! Smiley Happy

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Re: Amazon Prime Store Card

congrats.   my starting limit was $900. i called them the following day and told them i would love to have a higher limit . they asked how much  i said if they could match my paypal smart connect. asked for $4k was approved $2600 for a total of $3500.

FICO 8 10-17-2016 Equifax 634, Transunion 673, Experian 631

Quicksilver one, Cap1 Secured, Amazon Prime, DiscoverIT, Best Buy Visa, Paypal SC, Walmart Store, VicSecret, Jcrew, Gamestop, Barclays Apple, Target, Eddie Bauer, Overstock
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Re: Amazon Prime Store Card

I guess it's good to shoot for the stars and let them counter offer!
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@Ileshia on your new Amazon Card

Congrats on your card!!!

I started with a $400.00 limit on a regular Amazon Store Card...Then after 4 months of really no use they dropped me down to only a measly $100...I started to close it and just sever that relationship because what was I to do with only $100?...instead I decided to grow it....I purchased the Prime Membership....and then I made small purchases every month...A kindle APP...small gifts for others or $25 gift cards for my nieces and nephews to spend for their birthday...just anything to keep it active.....they then converted my card to the Amazon Prime Store Card....I finally asked for an increase after 1 1/2 years of maintaining this card last week...and they asked me how much I wanted...I told them I wanted to get $3,000...and they approved me for it!!!...So be patient and use this card as an opportunity to show them you can handle it and you are a valuable customer...My journey:

Starting:Transunion 794 Equifax 764 Experian 741
After Spree:Transunion 762 Equifax 754 Experian 719
Credit: $115,450 from 16 Trade Lines
Util: 12% Goal: 850 Gardening: from 10/06/2016 Until 2018
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