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Amex Approvals & a Question?

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Amex Approvals & a Question?

Since I came out of the garden for a US Bank Card yesterday.... today I broke and applied for 2 Amex Cards. Instant approval on both.
Amex EDP $11k

Really did it because my other 2 have been stuck at $1k and $2k forever. Both were $1k approvals. Denied both 61 day CLI. Finally got $1k on one of them but was in the 6 mo holding pattern then. So I applied because my last 2 FICO scores for them were about 150 points higher than they were when I got the 2 other cards. Happy with the $11k Approval on the one. The other was NPSL so I wasn’t expecting much. I had the PRG once before so I don’t think I will get the spend bonus. Probably won’t try since I have another one to get first which is guaranteed. The EDP was 15k Points with 1k spend in 90 days.

My question is this. Both of these cards today said “you are preapprvoed” when I logged in to the app. I got these 2 at 8 this am and as of 12:15pm no hard pull. Got me thinking maybe since I was preapproved I won’t get them. Always have before but idk if I ever had the preapproval before. Can anyone verify this?

Also as a DP. I already Transferred part of my new CL to a different card. Read online the 13 mo rule was no longer true and that certainly was the case for me.
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Re: Amex Approvals & a Question?

Congrats on the new cards!  Thanks for the update on transferring limit's. I just went online and moved mine around.


ETA I did not receive a HP for my last approval either

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Re: Amex Approvals & a Question?

Congrats DJSmiley Happy Nice going getting 2 cards at no hp, life is good Smiley Happy Is it official the 13 month rule no longer in affect?
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Re: Amex Approvals & a Question?


There are many DPs that AMEX will approve 1 charge card and 1 credit card the same day.  Also, many DPs of denials on the 2nd card when applying same-day for 2 x credit or 2 x charge cards.  So, no surprise that the OP was successful in apping for both an EDP and PRG same-day regardless of formal pre-approval.


AMEX keeps track of cardholders current status by monthly EX soft pulls. 


I went back and checked my INQ history and confirmed that only my 1st and 3rd AMEX app (out of 5, all successful) resulted in an HP.  So again, I would not be surprised if OP ended up with 2 successful apps and NO HP.  Smiley Very Happy




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Re: Amex Approvals & a Question?



To add another DP, I was approved for a Gold Delta SkyMiles card on Monday with all CRA frozen.  I already had a BCE card from them.  The last soft pull from them was from September even though the "Know Your Risk" email from them showed a 10/16 EX score.  I am pretty confident the score was from that last SP.

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Re: Amex Approvals & a Question?

Wait what now?! I would love to  move around some funds, I missed the whole 13mths is no longer a thing...


Oh wait! Congrats on the new cards!!!

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Re: Amex Approvals & a Question?

@coldfusion....the part of my post that was odd was that I didn’t get a hard pull for either. Usually with Amex if you get approved you get the pull.... denied and you don’t. At least that is what it has always been for me and is what is posted 100X on this forum.

@AJc.... Thx. Smiley Happy I did see on Doctor of Credit that there are 3 or 4 DP’s that are the same as far as the 13 mo rule being gone now. Might be a YMMV thing but I am guessing they changed it. Mine was listed under either credit options or card options in the settings part of the site.

@AllCredit.... thanks Smiley Happy Might want to check on your online accounts and see if it lets you. There is no hard in trying if you want to move the limits around. gL if you do.

Still as of today... no pull on either.
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