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Amex BCE Approval

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Amex BCE Approval


My wife applied for BCE and was approved with 15K limit.


I was plesantly surprised to see the initial limit.


She has relatively thin credit history, but I have added her on my accounts, which should have helped over last few months.


what should be the strategy for CLI. Since the initial limit is so high. Any suggestions?


I used to have an Amex Card long time ago, but due to some unfortunate circumstances had to default. They black listed me. And finally our household has Amex again. I tried to have her add me a authorized user card, but when looking at the terms and conditions, they dont want folks that were blacklisted before.


Any suggestions on this?



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Re: Amex BCE Approval

up to 3X CLI at 61 days.  That would put her at $45K which will most likely trigger a 4506 from them to verify IRS transcripts.  If you're not opposed to sharing with AMEX they'll grant the increase most likely if her income or household income supports it.  From the initial approval though I suspect you're both combine north of 150K/yr.  Also, if she doesn't have one she might want to get a Discover card to pair up with it.

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