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Approved - Citi Simplicity

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Approved - Citi Simplicity

I received - twice - the email offering me the chance to apply for the simplicity card. I knew it wasn’t a pre-approved offer as I checked citi’s pre-approved site, and it didn’t come for me— so I knew it was perhaps pre-selected at best.

I applied about 9 days ago and got instant approval for 5,500 and APR of 16.24%. I wasn’t thrilled with that SLI. I called recon the same day as I applied (and was auto-approved) and asked/discussed about getting a better/higher SLI, but was told that they couldn’t change it or so anything to the account until I got my card and activated the account. They suggested I call the regular CS line.

So, I did... first call went no where.. HUCA... Second call was about the same... HUCA... I tried a third time and got an agent who understood the logic (if I get a 5,500 SLI and transfer anything over say, 2,600, my UTIL rate will blow up and look not so good)... and agreed that if my plan was to move 2600 over, a SLI of 5,500 wasn’t ideal.... she put me on hold and came back asking me to confirm my employer, phone number at work and current salary... then after another short hold, she said she could bump my SLI 11,500. Perfect

I do have their citi preferred (a PC downgrade from Premier) with CL 3,500 for just over 2 years.
My FICO as of date of application was 728, overall util of 19%, monthly income 6,750, AoAA 2.9years and 1inq in the last year- 5 in the last 24mos.
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Re: Approved - Citi Simplicity

Nice Job, "HUCA" "HUCA"Smiley Wink


nice APR to boot!


enjoy that very long 0% intro APR


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Re: Approved - Citi Simplicity

Massive recon! Great jobSmiley Happy
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Re: Approved - Citi Simplicity

Congratulations on your approval and getting your CLI great work 😎.
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Re: Approved - Citi Simplicity

Beautifully played, flyer. Congratulations!

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Re: Approved - Citi Simplicity

Good work!! Congrats!
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Re: Approved - Citi Simplicity

Nice work!! You are persistence and it worked out very favorably for you!
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Re: Approved - Citi Simplicity

Congrats on your approval and recon to very nice SL !!!!



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Re: Approved - Citi Simplicity

Congrats on the Approval! Smiley Happy

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Re: Approved - Citi Simplicity

What is HUCA?

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