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Approved For AMEX BCE

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Approved For AMEX BCE

I should have waited. I hope I didn't screw myself too badly.. 


So the BCE is like always 150 cash back if you spend 1000 in 3 months..

Last night I was on the AMEX site drooling after the BC cards as usual and I got a "special offer for you" on them of 200 back on the E and 250 back on the P.. 

I didn't app then..


So today I was looking on my other computer and such and couldn't get the $200 offer on the BCE anymore, on neither computer..

But I still found I had my chrome tab open to the 200 offer from last night on my bedroom laptop..


I checked the preapproval thing and it said I was approved for the BCE but with NO cash back offer 


I don't know what came over me but I decided to apply from my $200 offer tab and was APPROVED with the $200..


But with $500 SL and "steps" email.. 


My disco might graduate in like 20 days and wanted that and the CLI from it to report before I apped for any other cards but AMEXs $200 offer just suckered me right in!!


I mean I fell head over heals for the $200 and now I'm stuck with credit steps from AMEX and I read sometimes that can stick you at a disadvantage..


So how screwed am I really with credit steps? I wanted AMEX badly so I could work on building my credit limit..


My fico is about 685 at the time of my APP.. 

It was the same as my vantage score last time my disco fico updated at about 665 and I got a bump on carma to 689 since then so I figure my fico is around the 680s as well.. 


I only just barely have 6 months of credit histoy so I guess I shouldn't complain eh?

What do you think? 

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Re: Approved For AMEX BCE

Congrats on the approval.

In most cases with “steps” and the $500 SL point, Amex removes the bonus offer. Did you see anything indicating that the bonus offer was no longer valid?

In April of last year, I was approved with the same verbiage as you and received the 2X increase normally associated with the aforementioned conditional approval. I have not tried for the 3X increase since October of last year. In October, it was unsuccessful.

I hardly use the card and will likely close it because of the rewards payout minimum threshold so I stopped attempting to get a 3X CLI. Others on the board have had mixed results growing a “steps” card but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have issues.

I think your relative newness to credit works in your favor. Just be diligent in you’re overall utilization, pay your bills on time, and give Amex some swipe love (as they historically like transactors) and I think you’ll be able to grow the card.

I’m attempting to find the fairly large post on BCE w/ “steps” as I think it’ll be helpful but I’ve been unsuccessful. When I find it, I’ll link it here.

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Re: Approved For AMEX BCE

"In most cases with “steps” and the $500 SL point, Amex removes the bonus offer. Did you see anything indicating that the bonus offer was no longer valid?"


No, infact I think it had some kind of "reminder" in the bottom right corner about the $200 deal on some page after the approval..


It took me to a page to make my new amex login account but the page glitched and it said to try later or call a phone number..

Going back to the create account page it wants card numbers I assume I won't have until the card arrives.. 

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Re: Approved For AMEX BCE

6 months of credit history and you got a $200 sub offer from Amex AND got it? Forget being on credit steps, that's quite a bonus and achievement. And on $500 spend? That's an incredible bonus that many of us dont get.

With 6 months history dont worry about credit steps. That's just Amex wanting to get to know you. You're in that's what's important. Use and pay use and pay. In time your card will open higher limits and other Amex opportunitiesSmiley Happy
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Re: Approved For AMEX BCE

Congrats on Approval

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Re: Approved For AMEX BCE

I think I got $200 back on $1000 spend buy you guys have me doubting it now.. 

I don't recall anything about the offer being removed but I don't know.. 

I guess I'll see when it gets here.. 


I am very glad I got it though no matter what.. Maybe I should have waited longer but it is what I wanted most (and that US Pride card, and hope that NRA card comes back!).. 

I have been looking into the history of amex back into the 1800s and it's quite attractive.. 

Amexes business model also stands out to me as a positive, how it seems to deviate from the pack of top card issuers.. 

If you look here..


Compared to this table..

Company NameNumber Active Cardholder Accounts % of Total Market Share

Citigroup Inc.95.4M17.09%
JPMorgan Chase & Co.82.8M14.84%
American Express Co.*62.7M11.23%
Capital One Financial Corp.62.1M11.13%
Bank of America Corp.58.2M10.43%

American Express seems to really focus it's business on transactions and away from interest on debt which I find to be somewhat predatory in many cases and maybe not so good for consumers in general, so that makes amex very favorable to me and a business I'd rather work with.. 


I am not a huge fan of banks like many people on here seem to be.. In my opinion they are out to get you for everything they can and amex seems a little more out to make money off of the system and a bit less out to make money off the carduser.. I like this very much.. 

I am struggling with credit now because I have always been a pay cash in full kind of guy.. I bout 3 cars in the last year and PIF cash for them all though one I did swipe my debit card for.. Wish I had the credit limit to have been able to get some cash back on that biggest swipe I have ever made, lol.. 

Amex seems to be the lesser evil..

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Re: Approved For AMEX BCE

The $200 SUB for BCE is standard for anyone applying thru the correct link.


I have posted it here before, but apparently those types of links are not allowed. If you can't find it by googling it, PM me and I will send anyone the info.

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Re: Approved For AMEX BCE

Congratulations! You can chat on the Amex site and ask about your bonus.

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Re: Approved For AMEX BCE

Congrats on the approval!! My first AMEX was the ED approved with credit steps, but with a $5k SL. I was applied a month later and was approved for the PRG with the 50k MR bonus. So, I think you are in good shape with responsible use.
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Re: Approved For AMEX BCE

I just confirmed my gorgeous new amex and confirmed with the chat CSR that I did indeed get the 200/1000 bonus and my paperwork says I got a 0% APR period.. Fico was 665 according to amex.. 661 now after the HP


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