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Barclays Apple Rewards Approval, but...

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Barclays Apple Rewards Approval, but...

Coming off of my Discover approval yesterday I figured I might as well go for one more before I reign it in. I’ve been needing a new iPad and since hearing the Apple Rewards Card is going away I decided to pull the trigger. Instant approval for $1500. My TU is 640 with 20% utilization and around 20 inquires for reference.

Of course, I got greedy and called to see if I could recon the limit. The rep assured me “because they already pulled my credit today this would be a soft pull as a courtesy.” No go on the recon, AND when I get off the phone I get a notification that my credit was pulled again.

Think I can call in and get the second one suppressed? Or should I just cut my losses and take it as a sign from the credit gods it’s time to lay low.
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Re: Barclays Apple Rewards Approval, but...

Congrats on the approval!


Too bad recon didnt work, but decent SL

Not sure if you can get the inq removed, but maybe can.

I would first try barclays to let them know.

Just not sure if 20 or 21 inq would mean much of a difference with scores.

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Re: Barclays Apple Rewards Approval, but...

You can try the HUCA, but be very careful if you do.  The CSRs are really good at noting calls and results so you don't want to make them angry.  I have read in other threads where someone managed to get a CSR who took a different course of action and granted a better SL.  You need to tell them you're trying to buy a MacBook Pro or something along those lines and that you need a limit big enough to make the purchase.  That helps.

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