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BoA CLI + data points + double dip question

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BoA CLI + data points + double dip question

short version - CLI $9,000.  was $6,000 now $15,000.  

I asked specifically for $15,000 so I think I left money on the table - my question -

I once saw someone discuss successful double-dip with BoA.  Like, if the CLI button was still showing up that meant you left money on the table and you should try again until it goes away…..I don't like to play with fire, but the button was still there, and if you ask for more than BoA will give, they will just counter with their comfort zone.  So that being said, should I try to hit the upper limit and request again?



long version - 

account started off several years ago from a denial of the Cash card.  BoA countered with essentially their secured card, but without the security deposit.  I was given $500 SL, $39 AF, and the design - I guess it was same as secured card but I have not actually seen it to confirm.  Shortly afterwards my wife foolishly acquired the BankAmericard when I told her she needs to expand her credit profile.  At the time she didn't believe that I could rebuild a decent wallet so did her research and application independently.  I really couldn't tell you why she got when she had no balances to transfer, but she did and I compared my card to hers and it was clearly different.  The card I got was a light brown.  Her BoAmericard was whiteish, and had the number-on-the-back design.  My frankencard had embossed numbers.  


At that time I used BoA as my primary bank.  Previously I had burned them in 2009 on a 2 year old account for a few hundred dollars.  I do not have any records of actually paying them back but in 2012-13 I paid all my collection notices, either I paid them in branch or they just wiped out the debt. 


In 2011 I was blocked from getting an account, teller didn't specify and I didn't ask.  It was one of those moments where I was cashing a check written from a BoA account and the teller was trying to be pushy by checking if I can open an account while I had that bad, embarrassing feeling knowing I had bad debt and saying, "don't bother I can't get an account…..yeah I told you so, you didn't have to waste your time, I don't need to know all the details". 


2014 my TD account was hacked so I took my company's 'prepaid paycheck card' or whatever you have to use when you don't have a bank account.  That card was backed by BoA. 


2015 I got bold and went in branch to ask what I owed on my BoA debt.  The agent told me I "already had an account, right?"  I said no, but he told me I didn't owe anything and took me to a banker to open an account. 

The banker said, "thank you for being a customer since 2000".  Weird.  I got the account.  At the time I had just gotten my Capital One GM card and a Credit One card so when he asked if I wanted a credit card I passed and said I would continue to work on my credit before trying to get in the door with BoA.  Shortly after I had gotten a credit steps Platinum Cap1 card increased to $4300 so I was feeling bold enough to try for the BoA cash card that my mother loved.  That's when I got the FrankenCard. 

Side note - I always remind people that the banks are truly weird, especially considering the variance in scores between bureaus for rebuilders….the same day I got the Frankencard I applied for the Chase Freedom and was approved for $4,500 (which I still have). 



After a year the card was still a sock drawer/auto pay card but at that moment I was still carrying balances and high utilization.  I read this forum and immediately started paying down my balances.  My credit score jumped from 598 to the mid 600s.  I paid down my Cap1 Platinum, Chase Freedom, Cap1 GM, CreditOne, and FNBO.  Once I got below 50%  BoA 'graduated' the card.  I logged into my bank portal and noticed I had $2400 in available credit and jumped out of my seat.  They bumped the CL to $2,500.  Shortly after, I received a letter stating that the AF was reduced to $0. 


The next month I started getting the pre-approved offers for the Cash and Travel cards.  I was trying to get in with AMEX and Discover so I declined those offers and instead called to ask for a product change. The agent tried to get me to apply for a new card since I was pre-approved so I said that I would call back.  When I called back a week later the next agent was really hard to understand, she just didn't sound as competent as the previous agent so I honestly wasn't sure what was going on and what the result would be but I was told they were putting in a request to change the rewards program and that I would hear back within 10 days. 


I did actually receive the call that my request was approved.  But the new card and program would not show up in the mail or my online account until the next cycle started FYI for those who want to try to product change. 


About 7-9 months ago I asked an agent how often accounts were reviewed from auto-CLI and was informed that they changed to SP CLI requests(I had not been reading the forum).  I was declined for the CLI. 


Then about six months or so I was trying to get all of my cards a CLI as well as my wife's.  Her BoAmericard was increased from $1,900 to $5,800 and my travel card was increased from $2,500 to $6,000.  I had requested $10 or $12k.  So I actually received a denial style letter explaining why I did not receive the full amount. 


The CLI button was removed from my profile immediately.


Since I had surpassed the $5k mark I asked CSR how I could get upgraded to a VISA Signature.  The agent researched and told me that the only moves I had were to upgrade to the Premium Rewards account.  And that wasn't the weirdest part.  She said that I would not be given the TSA/GE credit or the airfare incidental credit.  I would only get the increased earning structure and pay the annual fee immediately.  AND that once I upgraded to this specific VISA signature card there would be no turning back.  I know that by PCing I wouldn't be entitled to a SUB but I thought it would be insane that they would block the card perks so I didn't trust this agent enough to pull the trigger even though I was stubbornly set on getting rid of all VISA Platinum graded cards. 


SIDE NOTE - BoA agents are the definition Your Mileage May Vary.  I have the business Cash card and when the new version came out a couple months ago I called to switch and the agent told me that set of card benefits could only be acquired by a new application…and didn't even offer to apply….or maybe she did but I just scoffed at the offer, I honestly can't remember, -



BUT on the next call I was able to get the biz card upgraded to the new version(card was sent immediately and benefits were available online immediately)

AND I was able to get this Travel card upgraded to a VISA Signature. 


This was done by two separate agents(one for personal, one for business).  Both moves were previously denied by other agents.  So if you get told no by BoA but you feel you are correct, you should definitely go the HUTA route. 



It's been weeks, I've already received the business Cash card over a week ago so I can tell I'm not going to get my VISA Signature card until next week because it will be generated on a new cycle, which is today. 

However the name of the card did change in my profile right away.  I clicked on my account to check my point balance now that the new cycle started and noticed that the luv button was now finally available after more than 6 months so I clicked on a request right away since I knew I was about to send $6k from my BoA biz account to pay my AMEX biz card and believe in better results come when bank balances are higher. 



Definitely curious about the double dip question.  My utilization has been higher lately and will be for the next few months so the higher I can get my limits the better.   I don't need to use more credit than I've used but I would love it if my utilization would look like it was 9% or less

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Re: BoA CLI + data points + double dip question

I was denied on 6-17 and the CLI button is still there
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Re: BoA CLI + data points + double dip question

Hell yeah! I like the way you roll, @


God bless, I know it felt good typing this post!


Congratulations on your success and flipping the tables.

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Re: BoA CLI + data points + double dip question


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Re: BoA CLI + data points + double dip question

@FettHutt wrote:
I was denied on 6-17 and the CLI button is still there

This usually indicates you didn't wait long enough between SP's.  If it hasn't been at least 90 days between CLI's then you'll see the link still.  If you can go back to the last approval and punch it into a date calculator you'll see why it was denied.


Now, if the denial letter said somethig other than too many recent requests for CLI then there might be something else going on.  I get dnied now because they capped my limit at 65K and won't budge from that for the past 6-9 months now.


As to the OP.... If you asked for 15 and didn't get a counter than you did leave money on the table and as a guideline to everyone dealing w/ BOA and CLI's.... ASK FOR 100K and let the system counter back w/ your max CLI amount.  There's no reason to be shy about it.

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Re: BoA CLI + data points + double dip question

@FettHutt wrote:
I was denied on 6-17 and the CLI button is still there

LOL, i am denied like 30 times and the CLI button is always there for me. Smiley Happy

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